Owner - Ryan Dudik

“I have just met you…and I love you.”

Doug, Pixar's UP

This is Coulson. He is a little over 2 years old and believed to be mixed between a Boxer and German Shorthaired Pointer. My wife Jenny and I rescued Coulson, aka John Wayne, from the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina. He is incredibly playful, talkative, has a massive under bite and doesn’t enjoy taking long walks on the beach. As an older brother to our other dog Beamer, who is also a rescue, he takes full advantage of being spoiled.


Coworkers around the office refer to him as “Chatty Coulson”, as he will talk your ear off about his day over some smooth peanut butter and a nice cold glass of ice cubes. One thing you can count on is no matter what kind of day you’re having, he will always greet you at the door with the utmost respect, excitement and a tail wag like you’ve never seen.