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You Only Have to Climb Over Ten People.

There are over 200 factors that determine a web page’s ranking on Google, and there are over 130 trillion web pages competing for the number-one position on Google. Many people without search engine experience think the market is saturated and there is little opportunity to reach that highly coveted top spot. The path to that key destination, however, may be easier to reach than it appears.

Fridays Just Got Furry

If you’ve been following us on social media lately you may have noticed that we’ve started a new Friday tradition here at Evolve. We’d love to tell you that we were scientifically measuring workplace performance, job satisfaction and overall general happiness of our employees, but in all honestly, we just really love our pets and someone was brave enough to ask if we could bring them in. To everyone’s delight, our President, Will Daugherty, said “Isn’t it in the employee handbook that we can? I’m pretty sure it is.” We checked. It’s not. But Friday came and so did a 10-month old Chow mix.

The (new) INs and OUTs of email signatures

Remember when there were rumors going around that you'd soon have to buy "e-stamps" to send your emails? This sounds more like a high school senior telling a freshman that they could give them a pool pass or an elevator pass for $20. And could you imaging how many “stamps” you’d have to buy?

What Jurassic Park Can Teach Us About Music Choice

Jurassic Park may have one of the best and most recognizable film scores in recent memory. Nominated for numerous awards, John Williams’ masterpiece is almost as synonymous with the movie as the Velociraptor. Just mentioning the title can instantly take you back to the moment we first hear the iconic melody: Dr. Grant, played by Sam Neill, sitting in a field of knee high grass, pulling his glasses down from his eyes and peering off into a field to see the mighty Brontosaurus strolling casually through a field. As the film cuts to the Bronto, the music comes soaring in – the brass and woodwinds blasting the triumphant opening notes, the strings softening the staccato eighths and quarters ever so slightly, giving the tune the unmistakable flow from note to note. Jurassic Park, released in 1993 (to give this some perspective, that was the same year Clinton took office for his FIRST term), revolutionized computer generated effects and animatronics and served as a benchmark for filmmaking thereafter. And the incomparable Williams delivered a score that only served to enhance the monumental achievement that was, and still is, Jurassic Park.

Clays for A Cause

If your month isn’t too busy with back-to-school shopping or cramming in that last minute summer vacation, take some time out of your busy schedule and join us for an exciting event that benefits a wonderful group doing great things for our community. On Saturday, August 23rd, Rocking Horse Ranch is holding their 1st annual Clays for a Cause sport-shooting tournament. Held at Hunter’s Pointe in Washington, NC., this exciting event will give shooters of any skill the chance to win some great prizes.

We're Now an AMI Accredited Agency

We've reached yet another exciting milestone here at Evolve. We’ve been officially recognized by the Agency Management Institute (AMI) as an AMI Accredited Agency. The accreditation–founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, education, and responsibility–reaffirms qualities that we’ve been put into practice since our agency began 12 years ago. We’re excited to be recognized for our efforts and we look forward to continuing to uphold our values as an agency and as stewards of our community and the people and businesses we serve. Read on to see the complete criteria of the accreditation, and for more information about AMI, visit AgencyManagementInstitute.com

Special Thanks: Taff Office in the Historic Cupola Building, Greenville

We’d like to extend a very special thank you to Chris Sutton and all of the great people at Taff Office Equipment for letting us use their amazing space, the historic Cupola Building in Downtown Greenville.

The Search Continues for the Perfect SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is one of the more abstract ideas in creating an effective website. In what appears to be nothing more than educated guesses as to what people will be searching for, SEO is actually a honed technique that requires continuous research and review as standards and best practices are nearly constantly evolving.

When, Why, and How the Oxford Comma is Causing a Stir at Evolve

Several weeks ago, a few folks around the office got into a rather heated (read: barely serious) discussion about the enigma that is the Oxford Comma. The result of the conversation was a decisive split; half were fervently for the added punctuation, and the other half were vehemently against. Who knew such a simple, albeit important mark could cause such a commotion amongst linguists, designers, and programmers alike? The discussion still arises from time to time, but both sides have acknowledged changing anyone’s opinion on the issue is impossible. But this begs the question: What is the proper use of the Oxford Comma?

The Hidden Cost of DIY Website Development

If you needed a new car to get around town, would you build it yourself? There are a select few who could confidently answer yes, but the vast majority of people would entrust the construction of a finely tuned machine to experts with the appropriate tools and skills to accomplish such a task. Sure, we may know how to change the oil or replace a flat tire, but regular maintenance aside, building an automobile isn’t simply slapping parts together. So why do so many people take the DIY approach to building their own websites?

New Perspective Through Thoughtful Design

Any logo or symbol that has stood the test of time has done so by adjusting to emerging trends in design and shifts in public perception. While many companies take the approach of continually refreshing and refurbishing their logo, the practice is certainly not limited to business.

Break Out of Your Routine

Companies in a slow economy can fall victim to the slow and steady survival game. They expect consumers to react positively to the same information. But what they are really doing is becoming white noise, blending in to a background that is easily glossed over by consumers who have a keen eye for what’s new.